FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

1. What do “Prince Commercial” serve for?

We are the professional graphic designer team and expert in packaging & printing consultant.

We create all graphic designs and printing jobs to make your product more interesting and valuable :

            – Packaging design

            – Product label

            – Logo design

            – Creating barcode

            – Display ad layout

            – Brochure , catalogue and leaflet

            – Poster , banner and sign

            – Website design , with domain and hosting support

            – Printing consultant


2. Pricing

            – We do not have the fixed price for every job, pricing depends on details of each job. So,  you can trust that you’ll receive the best service, best quality artworks , in reasonable price that meet your demands.

            Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more information and details about design and pricing.


3. How to start the job?

            – Customer tell us about details of the job, e.g. type of product, artwork area (cm x cm, inch x inch), type of printing material.

            – We evaluate and send you the quotation.

            – After the customer accepts the price and pay for the first half, we start the job.

            – The first layout will be launched within 5-10 working days, at least 2 designs.

            – We create the designs until you are satisfied with.

            – Creating new designs takes 5-10 working days.

            – After you choose the best design, we will use it to develop in full work frame and edit for perfection.

– Editing takes 2-5 working days, for example : text size, text color, spelling check, etc. (limit 5 times for editing after choosing the satisfied artwork)

– Finalized and closed the job (with digital print and CD-ROM)

– ***The final artwork is in illustrator or photoshop file types that can be ready to use for all kinds of publisher printing***


4. How to prepare the design information for us?

            – Details of the product that you need to put in the package.

            – Artwork size in cm x cm or inch x inch (can be estimated or ask us for the proper size)

            – Target or focusing group.

            – Market position.

            – Preferred designs (if possible).


5. Timeline for designing and printing.

            5.1 Designing artwork, new artwork

                        – 5-10 working days after receive complete information from the customer.

            5.2 Artwork editing

                        – 2-5 working day.

            5.3 Printing

                        – 7-10 working day (depends on types and materials).


6. How to manage with unsatisfied artworks?

            – With our professional graphic designer team, we guarantee to make it until you’re satisfied.


7. How many times for editing the artwork?

            – After we create the satisfied artwork and the customer choose it. Editing is limited for 5 times (flexible).


8. Working hour.

            – By telephone   : Mon – Sat 8:00 – 20:00

            – By e-mail         : 24 hours


9. Payment (for new customer)

            9.1 Artwork designs

                        – First 50% after accept the quotation.

                        – 50% after finalized and approved the artwork (before sending the artwork).

            9.2 Printing

                        – First 50% after accept the quotation.

                        – 50% before sending the job.