Prince Commercial Co., Ltd.

Not only the quality of product itself that attract the customers, but also its “Design”. Good designs on your “Logo”, “Label” and “Package” can make your products unique, more interesting and valuable, and also increase the sales volume, too.
“Prince Commercial” – We are a graphic design company with more than 10-year experience. You can rely on us that we will serve you the best quality and on time jobs with direct impact on your target population in a reasonable price.
Furthermore, besides design services, we also have a service for consultation on everything about packaging and printing – for example : proper packaging to keep your product a longer shelf-life, printing technique that suites your purchase volume, including searching for printing factory. And from these services with concern in our customers needs – our customers will save the time to contact and co-ordinate with many subcontracts, save cost, decrease technical errors and complicated things, and receive the highest satisfaction

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